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Since 1961, Micro-Tracers, Inc. has manufactured analytical tracers used for quality assurance purposes by the animal feed industry. They have been formulated by Elanco (Eli Lilly), Zoetis (formerly Pfizer), Merck, and other major drug companies world-wide to identify their products as proprietary.

Micro-Tracers manufactures SECURtracers mainly for use in the pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals to combat counterfeiting of proprietary products. The company utilizes semiconductor technology in its manufacturing.

Micro-Tracers, Inc. was founded by Dr. Sylvan Eisenberg, a Ph.D. chemist, graduate of Stanford University. Micro-Tracers, Inc. is part of a group including Anresco, Inc., a commercial analytical laboratory providing analytical, consulting, and research services, primarily to the food industry.

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