Our Process
Authenticate with Confidence Using an Inexpensive and Quick 2-Step Process
Easy to Identify
  • Instantly identify SECURtracers as gold fluorescent specks using a UV flashlight.
  • If no fluorescence is detected, the product is not authentic.
Easy to Authenticate
  • Using a simple magnetic recovery apparatus, SECURtracers can be easily isolated from pills and capsules.
  • If the correct lettering is present, the product is deemed authentic.
  • The micro-engraved lettering can be viewed under a small handheld 120X power microscope equipped with UV light (cost ~$10 USD).
Magnetic Recovery Procedure
SECURtracer particles can be magnetically recovered from pills using a small handheld device. The figure below describes the procedure to isolate SECURtracer particles.
Step 1
  • Remove the magnetic lid from the jar.
  • Add 1/2 cup (approximately 100 ml) of water and 15-20 pills into the jar.
Step 2
  • Tightly screw together the jar and the lid.
  • Allow the pills to dissolve for 3 minutes.

Note: All pills do not need to dissolve completely to proceed to Step 3

Step 3
  • Gently invert and swirl the solution inside the jar. This will allow the magnet in the lid to separate the tracers from the solution.
  • Very gently and slowly flip the container so the magnetic lid are on top.
Step 4
  • Remove the magnetic lid and place it on a flat, stable surface (e.g table). Use the UV flashlight to confirm the presence of the particles (look in or closely around the black circle).
  • SECURtracers will be visible as fluorescent specs under the UV light.
Step 5
  • View the micro-engraved SECURtracers under the microscope.

Note: Please turn on the LED light by pressing the button on the side of the microscope and adjust the focus as needed