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Your Products

from Counterfeiting

SECURtracers are a covert, edible, on-dose
and on-packaging authentication solution for
your multi-layered brand protection and
anti-counterfeit strategy

For specifications, formulation, costs, and other details, schedule a call with our expert technical team. 

1.2 NEED

Counterfeiting drugs is a highly profitable crime generating between
$75 billion and
$200 billion a year.

The WHO estimates
1 million people
die every year
counterfeit drugs.

The International Chamber of Commerce estimates

$1 trillion in annual value is diverted from the global economy by counterfeit products.

15% of medicines in circulation worldwide may be fake. In Asia, Africa and Latin America fake medicines may account for up to 30%.

What can be done? 


Applying and layering novel authentication methods (both overt and covert) is the best way to combat this threat.


All current anti-counterfeit strategies are focused on packaging alone. By authenticating not only the packaging but also the product, FDA-compliant SECURtracers addresses the problem of counterfeiting, diversion or substitution of products and helps stay a step ahead of the counterfeiters.


Why SECURtracers


SECURtracers addresses the problem of counterfeiting, product recall and return monitoring, product diversion, and quality control in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry.


SECURtracers helps reduce liabilities, prevents loss of revenue, and provides brand protection.

Manufacturing these tracers requires extremely specialized semiconductor equipment and technical skills. The difficulty and cost to acquire such equipment and the expertise necessary to operate it pose high barriers to entry for potential counterfeiters.


Although most tracer authentication technology requires expensive readers for testing of authenticity, SECURtracers can be easily identified in two easy steps using inexpensive, readily available devices. 

Our Story


Since 1961, Micro-Tracers, Inc. has manufactured analytical tracers used for quality assurance purposes by the animal feed industry. They have been formulated by Elanco (Eli Lilly), Zoetis (formerly Pfizer), Merck, and other major drug companies

world-wide to identify their products as proprietary.


Micro-Tracers manufactures SECURtracers specifically for use in the pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals to combat counterfeiting of proprietary products. The company utilizes semiconductor technology in its manufacturing.


Micro-Tracers, Inc. was founded by Dr. Sylvan Eisenberg, a Ph.D. chemist, graduate of Stanford University. Micro-Tracers, Inc. is part of a group including Anresco, Inc., a commercial analytical laboratory providing analytical, consulting, and research services, primarily to the food industry.

Key Personnel

David Eisenberg


Zachary Eisenberg 


dr NB.jpg

Dr Nikolay Barashkov 

Director of R&D and Technical Services


Dr Jonathan Germain 

Former Lead Developer

1.3 why securtracers are riht for you
1.4 Applications

Drug counterfeiting is a global problem


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