Since 1961 SECUR Your Products
from Counterfeiting
SECURtracers are a covert, edible, on-dose and on-packaging authentication solution for your multi-layered brand protection and anti-counterfeit strategy
Opportunity Drug Counterfeiting is a Global Problem
Generated profits for counterfeiting drugs per year
Estimate of people dying from counterfeit drugs per year
Diverted from the global economy by counterfeit products
Medicines in circulation worldwide may be fake
Brand Protection Solutions Regulatory img-regulatory
Regulatory Compliance Performance + Compliance
The FDA has acknowledged the potential value of PCIDs as a novel anti-counterfeit solution. In 2011, the FDA published the Guidance for Industry – Incorporation of Physical-Chemical Identifiers into Solid Oral Dosage Form Drug Products for Anti-counterfeiting. SECURtracers meets all criteria outlined in the guidance.
why us 5 Reasons Why SECURtracers are Right for You
SAFE for Human Consumption
Complies with FDA guidelines for
use in pills, powders, and coating
EASY to Identify
& Authenticate
Instantly identify SECURtracers as gold fluorescent specks using a UV flashlight
Particles can be customized to 50-200 microns in any dimension with micro-engraved lettering of 10 microns in size
USEFUL for a Variety of Purposes
Differentiating proprietary products from counterfeits and batch/lot verification
RELIABLE and Protected
Result of years of collaboration between semiconductor technology & polymer chemists